Make an Appointment - Steps to getting your CDL

First, you need to take and pass your CDL written tests per state requirements.  Once you have passed your written tests, you can make an appointment for your driving tests by printing and filling out the CDL Appointment and Vehicle Rental Form.  You can also call 800-475-8337 to request a form.  Please read the form carefully, fill it out completely, and return it to REI with the Required appointment fee of $85.  Appointments for CDL Testing will be scheduled only after REI has received the completed form and the $85 Pre-Payment in the form of Cash or Money Order payable to Rathburn Enterprises, Inc. - NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE PERMITTED.   

The three (3) parts to your prepaid skills testing process are as follows:

Part 1:   Pre-Trip Inspection     

Part 2:   Basic Control Skills    

Part 3: Road Driving Skills       

Once our staff receives your payment and completed form, you will be scheduled for the next available date and time. You will also receive a Confirmation Letter in the mail to verify the time and date of your scheduled test. If this time and/or date does not accommodate your schedule, please call our office to make arrangements

You are required to bring BOTH your:

For your convenience, TDDS, Inc. has Vehicle Rentals available as follows:

Pre-Trip inspection Vehicle Rental              $25                  Pre-trip Pintle-Hook Vehicle Rental       $25

Basic Control Skills Vehicle Rental             $25                  Skills Pintle-Hook Vehicle Rental           $25

Vehicle Road Driving Vehicle Rental      $100                Road Pintle-Hook Vehicle Rental       $50                         


We recommend you arrive at the REI Testing Facility one half hour before your scheduled time so we can start processing your documentation. The processing time can take up to 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after your actual test is completed. Prepare to be at the testing facility for up to three (3) hours. DELAYS ARE A POSSIBILITY.

 Whether you pass or fail, your test scores will be entered into Ohio’s DX-BASS System after the completion of your tests by one of our State-Authorized Staff.

After you successfully pass your CDL tests, you can go to the State of Ohio License Bureau, Deputy Registrar, to purchase your Ohio Commercial Driver License.

Please remember you are not licensed to drive your CDL-rated vehicle as a solo driver until you actually have your Commercial Drivers License in hand.

Thank you and good luck!